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Questions About Online Bill Payment

Q: What is Online Bill Pay and e-Bills?

A: Online Bill Pay and e-Bills is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to receive your bill every month. Online Bill Pay and e-Bills sends a paperless bill of all your charges electronically instead of through the mail. By following the instructions in the email you can securely review your bill online and make a payment.


Q: Does Online Bill Pay and e-Bills cost anything?

A: Online Bill Pay and e-Bills is a free service that saves time and allows you to view and pay your bills when it's convenient for you.


Q: What form of payments do you accept?

A: Payment can be made by using a credit card, debit card or utilizing your checking or savings account. When you select credit card as your payment method, the specific credit card choices available will be displayed.


Q: Can I print a copy of my bill?

A: Yes. After displaying the bill, click on the "Create PDF" icon just above the bill. After the bill PDF is created and opened, right click on the PDF and select on "print" from the pop up menu.


Q: How will I know if my payment has been processed?

A: The webpage will confirm that your payment has been processed. You can print a copy of this page for your records. You will also receive confirmation through your monthly bank bill or credit card bill.

You are responsible for timely payment of all amounts due as indicated in your billing bill. For one-time electronic payments, you should submit your payment with sufficient time prior to your account due date in case delays in transmission or processing are encountered. If an electronic payment is not processed or completed by the date identified on your billing bill, your amount due will be treated in accordance with late payment policies.


Q: Will I still receive a copy of my bill in the mail?

A: Once you sign up for e-Bills, you will no longer receive a bill in the mail. Instead, you will be able to view your bills online in the "Account Home" section of the website.


Q: How do I register for Online Bill Pay and e-Bills?

A: Click on the "Register" link under the "Not Registered Yet?" section of this homepage. To register you will need to refer to a previous patient bill (for account number and the way your name is displayed). By registering you will automatically be eligible to utilize Online Bill Pay. If you wish to receive e-Bills versus a printed bill, visit your profile page and check the box to enroll in e-Bills (near the bottom of your profile).