Laser Cataract Surgery

Femtosecond Cataract Surgery

Are you looking for Laser Cataract Surgery in Connecticut? If you are experiencing the onset of cataracts you know how tough seeing can be. You may be struggling with blurred vision, affecting sightseeing, movies and sports games. You may even have sensitivity to sunlight or troubles with night vision.Bottom line, you might not be getting the most out of the beauty of life. At Spector Eye Care, our patients enjoyed bladeless computer controlled laser approach to cataract surgery.

Fortunately, Spector Eye cataract surgery can help you to regain clarity, both in terms of your vision and your quality of life. Now, a technological breakthrough is available for use in cataract surgery.

A bladeless, computer-controlled laser allows your Spector Eye Care surgeon to plan and perform your surgery to exact individualized specifications, not attainable with past cataract surgery methods.

Traditional phacoemulsification cataract surgery has been around for many years and has been very effective for most people. This innovation literally paved the way to small incision micro cataract surgery. Although phacoemulsification is considered to be the current state of the art cataract removal technique, many steps in the cataract procedure are still performed by hand with, either a surgical blade, a bent needle or forceps.

Laser cataract surgery with the femtosecond laser can now perform these steps with increased precision and improved visual outcome to the entire cataract procedure.

Every eye is unique, while all eyes share the same basic anatomical structure, every eye is just a bit different in terms of size, depth, curvature of the cornea and other key features. Which is why every eye must be carefully measured and mapped prior to cataract surgery.

Choosing Your Lens Implant

During both traditional cataract surgery and femtosecond bladeless cataract surgery the cataract is removed and a new lens is required. You will need to understand what your lens implant options.

Cataract patients at Spector Eye Care in Connecticut now have the option to have their vision corrected to allow them to see at both near and far distances after cataract surgery! These lens implants provide significantly reduced dependence on glasses for all tasks of daily living, providing a range of focus that laser vision correction cannot accomplish.

Individuals with visual impairment suffering from cataracts previously had only a mono-focal lens implant option after surgery. Fortunately, premium lens implant technology is now available to help you see without glasses at near, far and intermediate distances. You may also choose to consult one of our Spector Eye Care staff regarding premium lens implants options based on your unique visual requirements.

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