Dry Eye Treatment

Treatment of Dry Eyes

Depending on the severity and the cause of your dry eyes, we may recommend a number of different treatment options.

If you have mild or even moderate dry eyes, the first course of treatment may be to use preservative-free artificial tears. The selection of the exact type of artificial tear eye drop is important. Depending on the nature of your tear film deficiency, we may have you use a specific type of artificial tear that has different characteristics in terms of salt content and viscosity. Follow these instructions carefully.

In addition, there may some environmental factors that you need to alter to make you more comfortable, such as how and where you are exposed to heat ducts or fans blowing, as well as attempting to keep your environment at a proper humidity level.

Sometimes, if the oily layer of the tear film is deficient, we may suggest that you increase your consumption of oily fish or take flax seed oil as a dietary supplement. Most likely, you will be asked to drink plenty of water.

If these approaches do not help relieve your dry eye symptoms, we may suggest the insertion of punctal plugs that will slow down or even stop the drainage of tears from the eye. These plugs are easily and comfortably placed in the Lacrimal Puncta in your eyelids. Initially you may have a temporary dissolving plug put in place to see if your dry eye symptoms are actually responsive to this treatment. If the results are good, it may be necessary to place a more permanent type of plug in the Lacrimal Puncta to affect a long-term solution.

For patients with moderate to severe dry eyes who may have already tried using artificial tear eye drops and punctual plugs without relief, the prescription of Restasis eye drops, with or without the other treatments, can often help alleviate your symptoms. Restasis works by preventing a type of inflammatory cell from entering the Lacrimal Gland, allowing your Lacrimal Gland to function more effectively to make more of your own natural tears. Restasis eye drops require several weeks of use to become effective, so use these drops exactly as they are prescribed and please be patient.

Even with the above treatment options, there are some patients that may not respond as well as we would like due to some underlying low-grade inflammatory or infectious process. In these cases, it may be necessary for us to also prescribe an oral antibiotic such as doxycycline or an anti-inflammatory eye drop such as a steroid eye drop.

The diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes is complex and requires patience and persistence on the part of the eye doctor and the patient. With careful diagnosis and a systematic therapeutic approach, sufferers of dry eye syndrome can most often experience considerable improvement.

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